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Metallica Tickets & Tour Dates

Metallica Discography:

Kill 'Em All (1983)
Ride the Lightning (1984)
Master of Puppets (1986)
...And Justice for All (1988)
Metallica (1991)
Load (1996)
Reload (1997)
St. Anger (2003)
Death Magnetic (2008)
Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (2016)

Metallica has been a trend-setter in the heavy-metal world and has only gone up throughout their years in music. Fans often describe them as ‘life changing’ and ‘visionaries for the rock world’ because of how they introduced their heavy metal songs to the music scene in 1981. 

Metallica Background

Metallica was formed in 1981 and had many group members come and go. The current band members are James Hetfield (guitarist and vocalist), Lars Ulrich (drummer), Kirk Hammett (guitarist), and Robert Trujillo (bassist). Other memorable group members are Cliff Burton, Dave Mustaine and Jason Newstead.

Metallica started off by producing underground music hits and built a loyal fanbase right from the start. Their album, Master of Puppets, released in 1986 was their breakthrough moment, as it was described as one of the heaviest albums in the rock world. Their fifth album, Metallica, was the one that grabbed the attention of mainstream media and got the rest of the world hooked on their once very niche music. The band was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.

Metallica’s Greatest Hits

Metallica is one of the few bands that’s won award after award, despite not being a mainstream band for long. Their song, “Until It Sleeps”, won the Best Hard Rock Music Video for MTV’s Music Awards. Other hits include “Nothing Else Matters”, “One”, “Enter Sandman” and “Master of Puppets”. They even won iHeart Radio’s award for the Best Rock Artist of the Year in 2018.