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Гигсберг это рынок по перепродаже билетов на живые мероприятия. Все билеты гарантированы и безопасны. Цены устанавливаются продавцами и могут быть выше или ниже номинала.
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Sorry, we could not find Concert Билеты in Limoges - Gigsberg

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    Международные мероприятия
    • Christophe Mae


      Zénith de Limoges, Limoges, France

      19 October 2023 (Thursday) 20:00

      Всего билетов: 34

    • Soprano


      Zénith de Limoges, Limoges, France

      25 November 2023 (Saturday) 20:00


      Soprano Tour Schedule


      Soprano is a popular French rapper who is making a name for himself around the world. He started off small, but has slowly gained popularity that’s comparable to some of the big shots overseas. Soprano has an impressive track record for his music; several of his albums and singles have ranked at the top of the charts consecutively. His rapping skills and lyrics in general know how to get the party started, which is why his live performances are so popular.


      Fans of Soprano have a lot to look forward to starting in March of 2019. Soprano has planned out an extensive year filled with concert dates. The first is in Amiens, France on March 7th. Following that, you can see Soprano all around France in places like Maxeville, Ligomes, Pau, and Dijon. His final date for the year is on December 22nd in Brest, France.


      Soprano Background


      Soprano goes by his stage name most of the time, but his actual name is Saïd M'Roumbaba. He was born in January of 1979 in Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhone, France. His parents are both from Comoros, but he grew up in the northern districts of Marseille. Soprano formed a group with a few of his friends that became known as Psy 4 Rhyme. Together, they released their first album called Block Party. With the success of Block Party, they continued to produce music, adding on the voices of new rappers occasionally. Soprano decided to leave the group in 2007 and started releasing his own music, selling more than 200,000 copies of his first album.


      Soprano’s Greatest Hits


      Not only does Soprano excel in music, but he also has made a few cameos in the film industry. Considering his music, Soprano’s greatest hits were “Hero”, “Cosmo”, “Fresh Prince”, “Clown”, “Millionaire”, and his latest “À la vie à l'amour”.


      Всего билетов: 2

    • Patrick Bruel


      Zénith de Limoges, Limoges, France

      02 March 2024 (Saturday) 20:00

      Всего билетов: 53